Here at SF Test and Tag, we provide test and tag services for your business electrical equipment and safety appliances.

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Test n Tag for Electrical Safety

As an employer, you know that the safety of your employees is paramount. In Victoria, no matter what type of business you run, you are required by law to ensure that any electrical equipment you use in your workplace is safe and does not pose a risk to your employees’ health.


The team at SF Test and Tag can test your electrical equipment at your workplace (or on our premises) and verify it is compliant with the relevant Victorian Occupational Health and Safety regulations so that you fulfill your duty of care obligation to provide a safe environment for your employees and clients.


Test and Tag refers to a process of testing the safety of and marking electrical equipment to minimise the risk of electrical hazards in the workplace. It involves conducting regular testing of electrical equipment and appliances to ensure they are safe and marking them (using a tag) that contains information about the test. It ensures that a business keeps its employees and clients safe and reduces the risk of penalties for breaching electrical safety laws.


To be compliant, electrical appliances must be subjected to a specific set of tests including visual inspection, whether they are earthed properly, insulation resistance, polarity, and other tests that meet the requirements of the ANZ3760 safety standard, and any other relevant Victorian laws.


Once an electrical appliance has been tested successfully a tag is attached to it that contains an ID unique to the appliance, the date the test was performed, the name of the person that conducted the test, the test result, and the date by which the next test must be performed.


As an employer, you must also provide relevant training and information to your employees about the test and tag process as well as appropriate supervision so that electrical equipment is used safely in your workplace.

According to the ANZ3760 standard test and tag functions can only be performed by a ‘competent person’. A competent person does not need to be a registered electrician but they must have the relevant training and skills (as defined in the standard) to perform test and tag services.


They should have a thorough knowledge of (and keep up to date with) the ANZ3760 safety standard and the relevant Victorian legislation as test and tag regulations can vary between states and minor discrepancies can have an impact on potential liability.

The ANZ3760 standard for testing applies to any plug-in electrical equipment and appliances including machinery that is connected to a power supply through a flexible cable. This can include a wide range of appliances ranging from kettles and computer equipment to large industrial equipment such as welding machines.


As a general rule, any equipment that requires electricity should be tested regularly to detect any electrical faults or deterioration that cannot easily be seen. The types of inspection and testing necessary will depend on the workplace environment and the risks associated with the electrical equipment that is used.

The frequency with which electrical appliances need to be tested through the test and tag process depends on the environment in which they operate and other industry risk management considerations. Testing intervals range from 3 months to 5 years. In a hostile environment such as a building or construction site, testing may be required every three months while in a non-hostile environment, such as an office, it is usually five years. This is because electrical equipment used in hostile environments is often exposed to damage resulting from moisture, heat, vibration, and heavy use, and requires more frequent testing.


SF Test and Tag is your best choice for electrical appliance testing. We can conduct thorough and effective testing on any electrical device at your workplace using the latest testing equipment and can print your tags onsite to provide the most efficient service possible. As an experienced and trusted test and tag service provider, you can be sure that all SF Test and Tag technicians are qualified and will make sure your work environment is safe from the risks of electrical hazards – and at a competitive price.